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Christ Centered and Family Friendly Martial Arts

The Warriors of the Sword is a family-oriented karate program with a DIFFERENCE!

 Christian instructors teach this karate system from a Christ-honoring perspective.

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Our Programs


The Warriors of the Sword ministry currently offers a family-oriented karate class.  Parents and children train together, and parents train for FREE (if they have at least one child registered for the program.)

This instruction combines hands-on experience with knowledge-based teaching.  Contact the Warriors of the Sword to learn more.

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Martial Arts Class
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If your child (or children) are registered in our program, both parents can train with their children for FREE!

We encourage the participation of every interested family member.

Other Discounts:  We offer discounts for multiple family members, as well as for six-month commitments.


Currently, due to small class sizes, all students attend class together.  Students are divided by rank and taught at their level.

This approach keeps families together and reduces time commitments (i.e., bringing different family members to various classes.)


We can and  have offered a variety of classes when there has been enough interest.  Such classes include:


  • personal protection

  • self-defense

  • introductory martial arts

  • child safety seminars

  • corporate training

  • and more

About Us

What does the name Warriors of the Sword mean?  Where did we get that name from?  It comes from the Bible:
Ephesians 6:17  "...and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:"
We believe that the most significant training is our spiritual training with the Bible... God's Word!

The Warriors of the Sword symbol above represents the approach of our system.  What this patch means is crucial to understanding why we do what we do.

The Cross of Jesus - is behind everything that we do!
The Bible - is our foundation for all spiritual Truth.
The World - our goal is to reach the world for Jesus Christ.
The Martial Arts - is one tool that we use to reach the world.

Our program offers local martial arts instruction geared towards spiritual, mental, and physical growth.  Students will learn karate, but there will always be a focus on Bible study, prayer, and character development as well.
We can also provide evangelistic outreach demonstrations and other ministry opportunities.  For more information about these ministries, click on the link below and visit our Evangelism page.


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God Honoring Christian Leadership

Renshi Robert Dallmann

Rokudan - Sixth Degree Black Belt

Renshi is defined as a polished teacher or one who polishes others.  Mr. Dallmann seeks to polish and help people mature spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Of course, one's spiritual growth and maturity in Jesus Christ is the most important growth of all.

Mr. Robert Dallmann and the Martial Arts:
Mr. Dallmann has been training in the martial arts since January of 1984.  He currently holds a Sixth Degree Black Belt in Bushido Kai.
Mr. Dallmann began his training under the instruction of Rev. Robert Heisner, at Niagara County Community College.  He has continued training with Mr. Heisner in the Bushido Kai system since then.
Other training:  Mr. Dallmann has also trained for about six years in Tae Kwon Do, two years in Modern Arnis and for shorter periods in Judo, Wrestling and a number of other martial art styles.

Mr. Robert Dallmann and the Ministry:

Mr. Dallmann has been involved in full or part-time ministry since he gave his life to Jesus Christ late in 1983.  Some of his ministry involvements are listed below.

  • Full-time ministry in New York City on the streets and homeless outreach

  • Preaching and teaching

  • Several short-term missionary trips (including Kenya, Africa)

  • Billy Graham Crusades - Counseling Supervisor - Buffalo, NY Crusades

  • Warriors of the Sword evangelistic martial arts demo team

  • Actively involved in Internet and literature ministry

  • Attended Bible School

  • Prison Ministry

  • Involvement with international students outreaches

  • Bible studies

  • Counter-cult ministry outreaches

  • Children's Ministries

Our Instructors


We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us.

Warriors of the Sword - PO Box 1033 - Niagara Falls, NY 14304


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