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This is the page where you can be updated regarding our Warriors of the Sword News updates.

Welcome Mr. Janecko

Mr. Janecko

April 6, 2023

Mr. John Janecko has officially joined our Warriors of the Sword program.  He will be a valuable asset and brings many years of training and teaching experience.  He holds a Fifth Degree Black Belt in Bushido Kai and continues training under Grandmaster Reve. Robert Heisner.

Mr. John Janecko

Brown Belt Test

Brown Belt Test

Tim and David

March 30, 2023

Tim and David, Successfully tested for the rank of Brown Belt Congratulations on a job well done!

Yondan Test

Yondan Test

Mr. William Whitmore

December 17, 2022

Master Instructor, Mr. William Whitmore, Successfully tested for the rank of Yondan (Fourth Degree Black Belt.)  Congratulations Sir!

Rokudan Test

Rokudan Test

Mr. Robert Dallmann

November 10, 2022

Our Senior Instructor, Mr. Robert Dallmann, tested for the rank of Rokudan (Sixth Degree Black Belt.)  Members can view some video of this test on the Members photo page.

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